my books

  • Wolf Claimed

    The first book in the Books of the MagKaen Series Buy it on Amazon Buy it on Barnes And Noble Michaela Mune’Dust hates werewolves.

    It’s just her luck that her job, the full moon, and that stupid little thing humans like to call biology are absolutely determined to force her into close personal contact with the last male she’d ever choose........

  • Witch Betrayed

    A MUST READ FOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE FANS Buy it on AmazonBuy it at Barnes And Noble

    Michaela Mune’Dust still hates werewolves. It doesn’t matter that she’s mated to the wolfy Mr. Sex-O-Matic himself. She still can’t stand the toothy nightmares. Something has gone terribly wrong in the MagKaen........

  • Farbo

    Welcome to the Kingdom. ……she must surrender everything she is… to win her truest desire….. E-Book; Kindle

    Atlyn is an apprentice to the greatest dancer in the kingdom. All her life she dreamed of being trained to dance as her mother had before her. What seemed like a dream come true turned out to be her living nightmare........

  • Lusten

    Welcome back to the Kingdom.
    …She’ll risk everything….
    E-Book; Kindle

    I never wanted this. Never chose this. And then he came along. I’m not the damsel in distress type, but I can’t help but trust a male with so much calm. His eyes are the stillest pond in the dark of night. He says that he’s the male I was destined to love. He looks more like the live incarnation of my darkest fantasy.........

  • San

    Welcome to the Kingdom.
    … …he's lost all hope….
    E-Book; Kindle

    Chayse is tied and bound. He’s been condemned to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. To stay where he is will mean certain death. He’s lived longer there than anyone has before. Only his determination to get free and find the person who betrayed him........

  • Blood Mother

    Welcome to the Kingdom.
    … she's been pretending too long….
    E-Book; Kindle

    I’ve been pretending for too long. Now I don’t have a choice but to make good on my promises. Things are about to get rough at the RedMorder, my Blood Den in Las Vegas. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it together. But I’m not going to lie down and be beat.

  • Satiation Trilogy

    Welcome to the Kingdom.
    … …read them all….
    E-Book; Kindle

    This set includes Books 1 to 3 in the Kingdom of Nareth Series.